The Contact Page

Sharron-Idol’s contactability info on this contact page: –

83 Ducie Street
M1 2JQ
Website: –

When I first installed this WordPress installation which runs this website; WordPress had helpfully left a note – mainly aimed at new WordPress users – on this pre-created page, saying: –

“This is a page with some basic contact information, such as an address and phone number. You might also try a plugin to add a contact form.”

– ‘Thing is, having posted up a snail address and a link to my main website, there’s not a lot left to do. – You’ll find the “Contact Idol” link in the footer. That takes you to the contact page on my main website; so if it’s a contact-form you’e looking for then that’s where you’ll find it.

Back to black & white

Right; I’m back on a white background page: It gives me a chance to waffle on. – NEVER give me a chance to waffle on or I’ll drive you to distraction. On this occasion, however, I’ll spare you to some extent: It’s just that, for SEO purposes I need to put 300 or more words in the article. When I wrote this I was just getting this site going and hadn’t done a lot else with my future EP * Q * other than created it. – So there was not-a-lot to write – but words were, in a sense, compulsory… And for some keyword stuffing I’ll include the word ‘ contact’.

On this single occasion, then, (This goes right against my normal personal ethics.) it appears that when there’s nothing to say, I’m going to be the one to say it. 0_0

* I know: Poetry; that’ll work: –

“Come sweet slumber; enshroud me in thy purple cloak…”

– Huh: ‘doesn’t even rhyme… – Is that my teasmade? ‘Can’t stand tea!

Nope – even the Max Headroom impressions aren’t quite cutting it; although the Art of Noise is something that I’m good at; despite the noise not always being agreeable to the lug holes of the listeners…

…And on that note I’ll just inform you that I’m now over 300 words on this page, and that therefore this act is over.
‘Have a good one. 😉