My EP * Q * Is Sorted.– Release Date 10th November 2017 Confirmed

I’ve just confirmed the release date for this EP by finalising the final draft and approving it for distribution.

It has already been delivered to iTunes, akazoo, and You Tube Music.

It was only a few minutes ago that I did it; but it was also yesterday; October 11th 2017. Well it was midnight when, having done that, I configured this app so that I could write this article to the right website. Yes I still use Windows Live Writer 2012 to write my drafts on. It can’t work out modern themes, and it seems to treat SSL security as a privilege of some kind, rather than the default state of a website… I guess its the 2012 bit that gives the game away: Back then nearly all sites were unsecure and using the http prefix, and the majority of WordPress themes weren’t mobile-friendly. – In fact we didn’t even have HTML5 back then.

I’m glad I’ve got that sorted, and that now this EP has a confirmed release date of 10th November 2017.  –  It’s good to get the ball rolling in a definite direction on any project.


Now that I have a definite release date; I can begin the
pre-release campaign in earnest.

OK – cool – so what exactly is this pre-release campaign?


Well it’s about publicity. – It’s about building the buzz-machine and letting everyone know that there’s going to be an EP release on [ insert release date – which in this case is Friday November 10th ] and a few details of what to expect.

At that point, when writing this article, I dropped off my chair and onto the couch; falling asleep as I pulled the waiting blanket over me. I woke up some hours later and completed an ongoing software repair on another computer – before turning in again and crashing out properly.

– So now it’s 34 minutes past 2 the following afternoon – we’re getting nearer to the release date with every action – and I’m back at writing this article. If you notice a change in the writing style then that’s why.


As I said; the pre-release campaign is all about generating a buzz, creating pre-release hype prior to the release date.

Let’s Make Buzz…

To achieve that it’ll probably require me to provide some samples. – That, in turn, is going to require me to create some samples. Before i do that, though; let’s take a look at the EPs contents:.

In this collection of sounds I’m keeping lyrics to a minimum in the main: Music talks and says more than mere words convey. People have become desensitised to what music is saying, and they concentrate on the lyrics far too much. Although there is a lot of spoken words included, the music is given the starring role on this EP.

Track #1 is titled, simply, * Q *

Q__rgb-smallBy naming it “Q” I intend to convey a symbol of the British obsession for queuing, that quickly descends into pandemonium; with jostling, pushing and shoving, queue-jumping and arguments, aggression and a distinct loss of any trace of personal responsibility that may have once existed…

In the age of automation and of AI we even have the pleasure of queuing on the telephone; of being forced into a waiting-game that we neither want or need: A waste of time that the undeveloped AI misuses, in its lacklustre fashion, sending us round in circles, talking to mindless machines that divert the call to other mindless machines, with the odd disconnection or ‘dropped call’ included. Q is the sound of the epitome of frustration.

But Q now becomes musical; not just while-you-wait elevator-type music to placate the intended brainlessness of the senseless automation that will eventually and with certainty have you searching for a human to put things right and undo the damage and confusion that the AI has caused, but music to convey your mood at this infraction of dumbing-down existing inanity: –

Track #2 is titled * WTF * : Yes that stands for What The Fuck…


W.T.F.smallIt’s an attempt to inject some light humour, an attempt to numb the mind-numbingness of the process of queuing, as you’re transferred from pillar to post: everywhere but the right place.


WTF – Lyrics

Copyright Ice Recordings 2017 – All Rights Reserved.

The heat is on; the arrow’s gone, the dart flies.
A cupid strike has missed me by a mile.
The reign of the domain in which the heart lies;
Should be lead by the head in thoughtful style.

I’m sympathetic to the broken hearted:
To people who, at rather heavy cost;
Have come together partnered up, and parted.
They took the gamble; lived and loved and lost.

Chorus: –
Say “I love you.”.
Say “This sucks!”.
Say “I’m hap-py”.
What the fuck?

The day is hot; the wind is not, the sun shines.
CDs and garments strewn across the floor.
The party was an overdose in motion;
That night was something like the night before.

An eagle lands on rubber bands in silence.
Fever, fever eats the ragged rock.
The rat-race runs on; running on in cycles.
The pace of life will give you such a shock!

Chorus: –
Say “I love you.”.
Say “This sucks!”.
Say “I’m hap-py”.
What the fuck?

The wind is up the wind-up weather-maker.
A gale drives dark clouds across the scene.
The indigestions jesting starts to fester.
The air is full of flatulence and beans.

The studio is rocked by a rip-snorter;
Hum-dinging and a-minging from the source.
The shockwave blows the hat off the producer.
A juicer makes it juicier of course.

Chorus: –
Say “I love you.”.
Say “This sucks!”.
Say “I’m hap-py”.
What the fuck?

Say “I love you.”.
Say “This sucks!”.
Say “I’m hap-py”.
What the fuck?

– – – – –

Track #3 is titled * Dubries of Old Star *

Dubries_Of_Old_Star-smallIt’s an instrumental remix of my original single
* Old Star *. It’ll take your mind off things while you wait…

* I reserve the right to say “dubries”: It’s a middle-age thing. – I have that on authority from Miranda Hart.

When I originally wrote and composed the track, with lyrics, I was referring to myself as the ” Old Star “: I didn’t really get as far as “star” – but I got the “old” bit right anyway.

– Seriously; I’m 53 in a month or so at time of writing. Like I was this spotty teenage tech geek who wanted to be a star – and then life happened – and here comes 53… But I’m in showbiz, and geekery too of course, for life. – So something resembling stardom might just happen at some point. – Stranger things have happened; like One Direction getting into the charts for instance.



Track #4 is titled * 39 Years Ago *


39_Years_Ago-small – Again an instrumental, it’s a musical representation of a journey back in time to the late 1970s.



Did that displace your mind from the tedium induced by the bungling artificial ‘intelligence’? – Well guess what: It’s only just begun:-



Q2smallFinally track #5: * Q2 *

“Please. – No more. – I confess!”

^ This is full Q! ^


You’ve just experienced the inferience of AI: – You’ve just been subjected to the Q.

All that has probably given you a lot of information and whetted your appetite to learn more… – Because there is more: I haven’t even let you hear the samples yet. – I haven’t heard them myself because I haven’t even created them yet. – But with over 30 minutes playing time I’m sure you’ll listen with interest when you finally do hear the full tracks on the EPs release date.

Keep watching for announcements of more content on this exclusive website.
– It just gets better and better!

– – – – – – –