Sharron-Idol’s EP : * Q *

Well shiver me timbers and splice my mainbrace. – Welcome, me hearties, to this developing EP-related website – on which many a merry jollity shall festoon the pages with decor and fair eloquence.

(Yoast SEO plugin is giving me a red mark for using long or unusual words: Never before have I been penalised for having a good vocabulary. – It must be the ‘Facebook effect’.)


Q EP pic



You’re on the website which will be dealing with the pre-promo, the promo, the release, and the post-release promo, of Sharron-Idol’s EP titled “ Q “; which is scheduled for a November 2017 release; even though the tracks and artwork haven’t yet even been uploaded at time of writing.


So why, exactly, did I call the EP * Q *? Well when you eventually get the chance to listen to it, you’ll see that the title tracks; track #1: * Q * and track #5: * Q2 *, involve music created with the assistance of an industrial telephone answering machine. The machine states that ‘your call is in a queue…’.


Q EP  LineupI’ve posted a continuous-play sample-track, as well as individual samples, on this website on another page. Check it out why not?

As with many of my EP releases, not all of the tracks are lyricised; but the instrumentals are meant to tell their story by means of music rather than words. – That’s not a cop-out; it’s a fact.


Track #1 : Track #1 is the first title-track: The shortened version that introduces the EP.


Track #2 : Track #2 is * W.T.F. * – Which has lyrics; has a somewhat humourous slant – beginning with a romantic theme and concluding with flatulence.


Track #3 : Track #3 is an instrumental remix and re-release of the music for my track ‘ Old Star’ – which is titled * Dubries of Old Star * because I couldn’t think of anything appropriate, and I’ve earned the default right to use the word “dubries” due to middle-age and in lieu of oncoming senility.


Track #4 : Track #4 is an instrumental which is composed to portray a journey through time, back to 1978 – Which was * 39 Years Ago * – the track’s title – when the track was first composed.


Track #5 : Track #5 is the full version of the title track. – I did it that way because that’s how I roll; I like to save the best ’til last.

– I do hope you’ll listen with intent, and I also hope that you like what you hear.