Last-Minute Final Public Announcement Before Release of * Q *

Sharron-Idol thought it a good idea to make a last-minute final public announcement before e Release of her EP titled * Q *.

Q picture-coverIt’s Thursday 9th November2017 at time of writing, and there are now only hours left before the release of my EP * Q *. It certainly feels like it’s been quite a long road getting here, in comparison to most of my other releases. – That’s probably due to creating and running a separate website dealing exclusively with the * Q * EP.


ServersSo far I’ve been using this website to generate pre-launch buzz, right up to the last-minute. If you haven’t seen the* Q * website yet then I urge you to follow this link. (You may already be on the relevant website: I will probably publish this article multiple times)

The website is a sub-domain of my main website at bugger-all-on dot TV. I wanted to give the forthcoming EP more exclusivity and mark it out as a unique item, plus also generate more buzz in doing so.


I’m quite excited to be releasing another EP, although I can’t fully convey the excitement in this last-minute announcement. I hope, of course, that my release fulfils its purpose of entertaining you; my audience my public, my lifeblood. – If it weren’t for you people my career would have flopped at square one; so I thank you all – no matter how many or how few you may be in numbers – from the bottom of my heart.


Sharron-Idol performingWhen I made adjustments to my career to bring my artistic streak together with my technical abilities back in 2012; I never imagined that things would turn out as they did. Being middle-aged even then, I was born into a completely different scheme-of-things back in the 20th Century. Back then only a lucky few even got heard by anybody, other than perhaps locally. Even radio-exposure by the late great John Peele, who kicked off the start of change in the music industry, wasn’t always enough by any means, to generate anything other than 5-minute-fame.

Since 2012 my career of art and music combined with technical aptitude and flair seems to have gone from strength to strength in many ways, although at times floundered and perhaps lost clear direction in others.

I now find that I’m established and also not totally unknown… And although that may seem to be only a minor achievement in comparison to many other artists; it’s in fact quite a big thing. – An Ice-Breaker.

Back On-Topic…

Enough of my rabbiting on and going off at a tangent. – Ladies and gentlemen I will shortly, in a matter of only hours, be releasing my EP titled * Q * – Its’ mission, and my mission in producing and releasing it, is to add to your entertainment and – in part – to reveal to you new ways of producing art and music which I hope you’ll find interesting, enlightening, and also entertaining.

Do, please, feel free to contact me via the contact form on my website, or by Facebook or Twitter, and tell me what you liked about it, or what you disliked about it, whatever.

…And that’s about it for this last-minute announcement. – Enjoy * Q *!


Addendum: I’ll add both iTunes and CD Baby links to the * Q * EP release to this article and to the website/s and to Facebook/Twitter ASAP in due course.

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