Here Are The First * Q * Samples…

Yes it’s time to post the first ever samples of my EP * Q * to appear anywhere online up to date of posting.

Now I get that you may be asking

Why not just post the entire EP;
that way we can decide whether or not we like it?”

I get your idea; but that kind of defeats the point of a release-date doesn’t it?

I could post it on Soundcloud; but that defeats the point of posting it as a download or stream that retails for a sum of money. (Some people appear to think that Soundcloud is regularly scanned by music industry professionals scouting for talent: Wrong; it’s just a place to let people hear your music without charge.) – A recording that has a financial value as well as an entertainments value – and the resultant transaction demonstrates that fact.

I have to make a living, you do realise?

If I just threw out every release I created for free then I’d make no money for doing the work. I’d also be demonstrating that I have little regard for my product: I’d be showing that I feel that it’s worthless – and that would hardly inspire confidence in my fans now would it?


– Anyway it’s a Sunday at the time of writing. – Although it’s mid-October in England its over 20 degrees Centigrade outside and it’s sunny; just like a Summers’ day. – ‘Seriously; I have the air-conditioning cooling the studio right now. Usually at this time of year I’d be thinking of heating it rather than cooling it. (It should be less then 15 degrees C.. – The reason for this is that hurricane Ophelia is sitting to the South over the Atlantic off Portugal, and it’s drawing hot air from Spain and delivering it to the entire UK.) – So the last thing I want to do is be stuck in the studio in front of a keyboard. However I’d already scheduled it, and I have to live up to my promises as below, or I’ll lose people’s trust.

Promises promises

I promised to get some samples of my EP release titled * Q * on the website when I recently posted on Facebook; in my personal feed, not on my fan page, the following: –

“In the last article I wrote on my devoted * Q * site; the sub-domain site dedicated exclusively to my forthcoming EP titled * Q * ( ) I stated that I hadn’t even created the track samples yet: –

“…Let’s Make Buzz…

To achieve that it’ll probably require me to provide some samples. – That, in turn, is going to require me to create some samples…”


“…I haven’t even let you hear the samples yet. – I haven’t heard them myself because I haven’t even created them yet…”

Well now I have: I made a sample 128-bit .mp3 file for each of the 5 tracks, and also a 128-bit 4:20 compilation-sample-track containing all of the above samples consecutively. I’ll get round to writing another article on the site in the near future; in which you’ll get a chance to listen to the samples. Keep looking out for new announcements regarding the site and my forthcoming EP * Q * – Which, as the article states, now has a definite release date scheduled for Friday November 10th 2017.”

Having got through the fairly long introductory-piece; let’s do what I set out to do:

( I’m getting this done a little ahead of schedule; but who’s complaining? )

Lets make buzz: –

I didn’t include the title-track sample because, in the case of this EP, the title track is short and the sample is shorter. The title track sample IS included in the QEP Sample Compilation track though.


QollageBelow is the
* Q-Compilation Sample *
player: -Click the ‘play’ button to hear the sample.





Below is the
* WTF Sample *player:-
Click the ‘play’ button to hear the sample.




Dubries_Of_Old_Star-small Below is the
* Dubries of Old Star Sample
player: – Click the ‘play’ button to hear the sample.





Below is the
* 39 Years Ago Sample * player: -Click the ‘play’ button to hear the sample.


Below is the
* Q2 Sample *
player: –
Click the ‘play’ button to hear the sample.




Geez – That took some doing.

Oh ignore me; I just spent a lot of time making tweaks, I have rather high standards with regard to my online publications – even those on social media to some extent – and I’m quite fussy about everything. – ‘Extremely pedantic.

Anyway – you have samples – and that’s something to be going on with. Keep watching for more content on this site.

You can also grab yourself a free mix by clicking this link.


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